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Alistair C Jones originally started playing music in bands as a drummer until a trip to San Francisco in 2005 inspired him to start writing and playing his own songs. Armed with a moleskin book he sat down in the notorious Café Reverie and wrote the first songs that were to later become the basis of two albums. Since then Alistair has continued to write meaningful lyrics to catchy melodies drawing on a wide range of subjects from serious topics such as the environment (“The World Without Us” and “Big Picture”) and homelessness (“Can’t See Me”) to conversations overheard in US diners (“Jimmy”). The songs have been described as “stories that you want to read and find out what happens”.

Sound-wise the music draws on a variety of influences; not so much as a fusion of styles, but a collection of acoustic stories recorded in the style that best fits the feel of each song, be it rock, blues, pop or folk. Not being restrained by genre allows for the exploration of a greater variety of musical avenues and to appeal to most tastes while still retaining a distinctive and recognisable sound.

In early 2007 Alistair recruited Richard Beason to play bass and, having studied Music Technology at University in 2008, later took on sound engineering duties. The first album, “The Dice of Life”, was produced by putting together a few live session recordings just to test the water and quickly sold out. They then got to work recording the new songs Al had been writing and the second album, “A Different Story”, has received great reviews so far with comments such as “this latest CD shows a greater maturity musically with the influences more resonant throughout”. 

2010 saw AL writing new songs and returning to the studio to work on them with Rich. In 2011 the album 'Postcards' was released and got rave reviews on Clixie, the music website. At the end of 2011 AL started work on writing new songs for the forth album, Rich and AL have started to record these new songs. Look out in 2012 for the new album 'Psychedelic Colours'.

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