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'Psychedelic Colours' Album Review - September 2012
Psychedelic Colours is the brand new LP from Birmingham based singer/songwriter Alistair Jones. The album starts off with the albums first single Floating on Clouds, which dare I say is a floaty, dreamy and catchy hit! The psychedelic feeling of the album really comes alive in the very first track. The drums here flow and keeps your interest held all the way through. The raw guitar solo is a welcome comeback into the world of classic bluesy rock!

Following this comes Around Here, which sounds like something from Pearl Jams early days and Jones' clearly takes vocal influences from Eddie Vedder. I Don't Know What's Going on, the third track on the album is a great protest song, and the idea of the general public reacting to the racial tension that surrounds our societies in Britain at the moment. The lyrics are very poignant and really reflects the fact that Alistair lives in a big city like Birmingham. Psychedelic Colours is a lovely acoustic number that comes around midway through the album with soft piano chords backing Jones' flowing vocals and a great bass line that really drives the track. The album is very varied and draws on world music in tracks like Today is The Tomorrow. The inclusion of bongos and a sitar keep you hooked into the song and the drone of the other instruments really keep your attention.

I think my favourite tracks on the albums are the acoustic numbers like Another Way, this track has some great reverb, and this is going to sound really geeky, but really reminds me of the Wutai music from the game Final Fantasy 7. There are some great vocal harmonies in the chorus here. Will You Be There is a melancholy song about longing for someone and it really has echoes of some of Kasabian's slower songs. This track has a great trippy and bluesy guitar solo.
For me, the strongest track on the album is I'm A Man. Jones' vocals shine through and the choice to have a purely acoustic track here breaks up the flow of the album towards the end but it absolutely works. This LP is definitely a fantastic driving album. I just wish I lived in the U.S so I could put this album on, have the roof down and drive from coast to coast! 
Sound is Like Water is another psychedelic track and the chord progressions fit in well with the albums theme. The reverb used here really adds to that trippy soundscape. Again, this track really reminds me of some of Kasabian's later work.

The album finishes with the track Free which is a real powerful end to the LP. The deep bass line and bluesy guitar riff really complete the track! It's a fantastic album and one I'll come back to again and again!

Review By Joseph Ellis

'Psychedelic Colours' Album Review - August 2012
AL and Rich have been able to find such a unique style of music and one is able to hear that this album has been written, recorded and produced with much blood, sweat and tears! Some songs are like a time machine...they vault you right into the age of the flower people. Others make you brood on the past while you are humming the theme absolutely lost in thought. Some evoke psychedelic colours without being on a trip...just because of the great sound and others are Britpop/Shoe-gazing influenced like they've been written by My Bloody Valentine or Blur.

It pays well that they've put a lot of effort into recording all the different instruments - in this way a complex acoustic pattern emerged and the two songs that were written together are able to concern people emotionally. The whole adaptation of the album turned out very well.... I like their way of using the instruments in order to emphasize the lyrics. This really is a very eclectic piece of work! Congratulations!!!

 - Kerstin Briddigkeit 02/08/12

'Postcards' Album Review - January 2011
2010 sees Birmingham based Alistair C Jones release his third album. ‘Postcards’ builds on his first two albums, ‘A Different Story’ and his debut ‘The Dice of Life’ and we once again hear Jones’ thoughts and emotions come out through his music and songs.

Altogether ‘Postcards’ feels a much more coherent effort than his first two albums, and like with a lot of unsigned music you really feel this musician has had the freedom to produce the music that he wants to write, free from the constraints of a dominating studio. The production on this album is solid and producer Richard Beason manages to create that great raw sound that we always seem to associate with unsigned music.

The song writing is predominantly about love and the trials and tribulations that come with finding that perfect moment in life.

You can hear Jones’ influences coming through in this album, and there are hints of Springsteen, McCartney, U2 and other classic acts, but he still manages to keep a fresh modern feel to his music. The title ‘Postcards’ is a fitting name for the album as throughout listening to the album you do feel you have travelled through a variety of musical styles and emotions. Personal favourites include Full Circle and Don’t Close the Book Running just under 50 minutes you get a lot of music for your money, the album can be bought through his website

 - 20/01/11

'A Different Story' Album Review - April 2009
Al's musical journey continues and it's picking up quite a pace! He has come a long way since his great debut CD.

This latest CD shows a greater maturity musically and the influences more resonant throughout. The American influences, folk, protest, blues, rhythms all shine through.

Vocally Al has matured too and 'Jimmy' showcases this.
Al comes across as a modern day protest hero talking and lamenting about the fate of mankind. There is a positive message throughout though. 

Check out 'The World Without Us' and the message rings through loud and clear. A very clever video has been made to accompany this song, quite graphic but illustrating the point so well. 

'Can't See Me' has a plaintive cry for help. Beautiful reflection on life and plight of the homeless.

Acoustically there are some very strong melodies and hooks within the songs and the addition of Rich on bass and Toko's backing vocals adds to the fuller, more intense sound.

The last track 'Take Me Home' is a softer acoustic track and a lovely track to end on.  

The artwork on the cover and photos...the word 'Liberty' adds to the vibe. Beautifully produced and put together by this talented team.     

Keep that journey going Al you're definitely heading in the right direction.

Gaynor Andrews 04/04/09


SF Vibe - Feb 2009
"A Different Story" shows how Alistair’s music is going from strength to strength. The songs are like stories that you want to read and find out what happens. You can tell that Alistair has searched deep to write this material. The recording and production of this album is fantastic hats off to Rich Beason. I look forward to more great music and to see these guys in San Francisco.

   - Zak

A Different Story - Review by Kerstin Briddigkeit -
Alistair C. Jones 2nd album “A Different Story” - which comes in a very elegant presentation – documents his musically maturation and the technically further development he and his Bassist Rich Beason have been able to achieve.

The catchy selection of melodies slide immediately right into your ears, they make their way through your body and finish in your feet where they make you beat time by tapping your toes. By using more instruments and background vocals they are able to carry out a more powerful and dynamic sonority.

I’m very happy that AL still stays true to his unique style of music and that he continues to pick up all the themes which lie at his heart. In his songs he deals with issues of environmentalism, homelessness and the search of the meaning of life and finding his own way to go. It seems that he is answering an inner call by singing his songs and thereby he gives those ideas a powerful scope.

'The Dice Of Life' Album Review - April 8, 2008
I – Life:

Life is showing you many faces and you have to find your way through it all! A heartening melody which awakens the hope to reach an aspiration.

II – San Francisco:
Alistair is a great raconteur who makes you embarking on a journey! You instantly feel the longing to share the unforgettable impressions he made there! The lively tune, his voice and the lyrics are showing the special affinity he has to San Francisco. They convey the relaxed feeling being there as much as the desire hereafter. I can’t get that tune out of my head!

III – Slice Of Cake:
This frantic melody quite well expresses the eager aim for getting another Slice Of Cake!

IV – Yes I Do:
A very gentle song, which once again perfectly catches the described situation! You quasi are lying at the beach with him – listening to the surf, enjoying the sun and the blue sky. At the end he is holding a slightly atrabilious communion with himself. A really seductive melody!

V – Dice Of Life:
This song evokes the picture of an old-fashioned western. A man seeking his refuge in flight is going by train across the states. Whiskey is his comforting companion, gnawing doubt is propelling him. But then he realizes that – although things have changed in the meantime – he wants to go back home. With all the passion and the pain! The tunes of this song remind me of clattering wheels on rails!

VI – Just Remembering:
My favourite song! It’s a story of a homeless who has left his family to chance his luck in America in order to offer them a better life. But they don’t want to let him in – it’s no open-armed welcome! The “Land of the Free” becomes his enemy. He has to struggle hard for his life being in a foreign country without his beloved ones. Only the love for his family gives him the power to fight on. What a soothing idea – Love conquers all!! Omnia vincit amor! This song is great! I love the tunes, the story, the lyrics, and the instrumentation…

VII – Governator:
Well this song sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger! A mixture of the Governor and the Terminator! *lol*

VIII – I Know:
Everyone is looking for someone like this. A person you can bank on in any situation. A refuge - a “Tower Of Strength”! Someone who unconditionally lends you his support. To have someone like this is the greatest gift! Seems that fortune smiled on you Al!

Concluding Words:
The album “The Dice Of Life” indicates that Alistair C. Jones is a great storyteller who is able to magic up places, situations, feelings and ideas by his caring, sincere songs. I’m looking forward getting the next one! Keep on making such wonderful music Al!!

 - Kerstin B.

'The Dice Of Life' Album Review - April 8, 2008
Track 1 – Life:
I really like these tunes – especially the guitar playing! This song encourages me to assume life with all up’s and down’s!!

Track 2 – San Francisco:
This melody invites me to reverie. I’m able to feel the lightness of Being. I could just dive into this feeling. This song is fantastic and Alistair’s voice shows his love for this city.

Track 3 – Slice Of Cake:
This song tells me that there is someone who wants to experience a lot! Some passages are showing a hunger for life!

Track 4 – Yes I Do:
This song reminds me of a summer-day with a dash of melancholy. The melody covers me with cotton wool!

Track 5 – Dice Of Life:
This Blues is straight going into my heart-it sounds like travelling through the motherland of Blues! My feeling tells me that I’m travelling across the landscapes with an old train and I’m not really sure where I belong to. But despite of all those doubts I have to go back to the starting point of this trip. Very earthy and perceptive!

Track 6 – Just Remembering:
This song has a melody, which is carrying a message from the beginning to the end. This song tells about the sadness and loneliness a man has to endure being in a foreign country without his family - struggling for life. But hope outcrops at the end! Love helps to bear down life’s hard times! A very deep and warm song!

Track 7 – Governator:
A very vibrantly, cheery, cadenced and lively tune!

Track 8 – I Know:
Great solo-guitar! A song chanted with a voice that tells you: You are able to undergo a lot! You are able to go through hard times if you know that there is a person in your life who is your backing and support! A hopeful and comforting song!

At the end I like to say that this album shows me that Alistair C. Jones is an artist who is really empathetic and sensitive! He is searching for the “melody of life”! Keep going Alistair!!!!

 - Gisela B.

'The Dice Of Life' Album Review - January 10, 2008
Al might have left his heart in San Francisco but he came back home to Brum.

Throwing those 'Dice Of Life' is one young man in a hurry Alistair C Jones. Al is a very talented young Brummie, fairly new of the music scene here and shows great promise with his first CD outing.

Using his own distinctive style of songwriting, he has obviously been influenced by the time he has spent in San Francisco both from his first visit in 2005, then his extended three month stay in 2006. Haight Ashbury has been a major inspiration for him and his songs hark back to the 60's there, the 'Summer Of Love' and he writes very thoughful but thought provoking lyrics.

He can be very quietly expressive, then hit you with something like the very quirky, punky 'Governator'...which reminds me of a modern day Ian Dury. Nice one Al!

'Yes I Do' is a very relaxing sunny afternoon kind of song, with scat vocals giving a very jazzy feel.

I really like 'Slice of Cake' and the drumming on this track drives it along really well.

I'll be very interested to watch how his career progresses.
Catch him on his own MySpace site and at his website

Yes Al, I'll have another slice...ta!
- Gaynor

Helsinki Blues Cafe Radio - January 20, 2007
Alistair Jones is an unfamiliar name to most of us, hopefully this will soon change. This young man takes you back to a time when music was about lyrics and playing, not about how few clothes you wear or if MTV likes you.

San Francisco is a simple song, the best ones normally are, yet, you find yourself picturing the Golden Gate Bridge, thinking about Ashbury Heights, that is talent.

Govenator tells about falling off the ladder of success, not a happy, cheerful song, but thought provoking.

Dice of Life has that ´60´s feel to it, remembering better times and wishing or waiting for them to come back again.

These songs have that rare quality today, you remember them! They're not 'bitter' but thoughtful.

Alistair Jones deserves to be heard, he is a talented young artist, who, hopefully will get the recognition his talent deserves.

 - DJ Catnadia

SF Vibe - San Francisco Song Review - September 12th, 2006
I can't believe how this song captures the spirit and the sound and the mood of the people here in San Francisco. If  you want to know about the vibe here in San Francisco then listen to this song by a modern day minstrel.

 - Zak

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