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We now have videos up on YouTube for a few of our
songs which you can also watch here. 

Rainbow Warrior
This is the video for the song Rainbow Warrior, taken from the album Psychedelic Colours.
This song and video is about an organisation we have both supported for many years, 
Greenpeace,and their new ship, The Rainbow Warrior III. We hope this song will also 
encourage people to sign up to Greenpeace's 'Save The Arctic' campaign, aimed at protecting
 this fragile environment and its wildlife from the threat of oil spills and industrial fishing.
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Floating on Clouds
The video for 'Floating On Clouds', from the album 'Psychedelic Colours'. 

Don't Close the Book
The song 'Don't Close the Book' was inspired and written for our friends who run Mexican animal welfare charity GEPDA (Gente por la Defensa Animal) to raise awareness about their work helping many of Mexico's stray dogs and cats. This informational video was produced for the song at GEPDA's request and we hope it helps to raise awareness for their worthy cause.

GEPDA is a non-profit association created in Mexico City in 2000, by a group of professionals dedicated to promoting the application of humanistic principals to the protection and defense of animals. More information is available at: (English) or (Español)

The World Without Us
This is a video to go with the song 'The World Without Us' reflecting some of the things we feel are wrong in the way we're treating the planet and the creatures that share it with us. Be warned, some of the images may be disturbing to people, as they are to us, but are only intended to make people aware, or shock them into action, rather than to offend. If you're upset by what you've seen and agree with us then please try to do something, no matter how small, to help improve the way we treat our world every day.

San Francisco
Holiday video from Al's visit to San Francisco accompanied by our song 'San Francisco'.

Different Story
Live performance of 'Different Story' from the Secret Music Club in Birmingham.

Live performance of 'Steps' from the Secret Music Club in Birmingham.

Just Remembering
Live performance of 'Just Remembering' from the Secret Music Club in Birmingham.

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