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'Psychedelic Colours' and 'Postcards' are available to download directly from Google Play. You can preview any songs you're interested in, download individual tunes for only 29p or buy the whole album, just 2.99 for all 14 tracks! Just click the link below to visit our store...

The latest album 'Psychedelic Colours' is still available good old-fashioned CD and features 14 songs!
1. Floating On Clouds (2:43)
2. Around Here (2:51)
3. I Don't Know What's Going On (3:26)
4. HOD (3:55)
5. Psychedelic Colours (3:23)
6. Today Is The Tomorrow (3:22)
7. Another Way (3:32)
8. Night Lights (4:06)
9. Will You Be There? (3:52)
10. I'm A Man (3:55)
11. Sound Is Like Water (3:52)
12. This Part Of Town (4:00)
13. Rainbow Warrior (3:22)
14. Free (3:20)

Psychedelic Colours costs 5 plus P&P (we will only charge what it costs us to post it to you). Get in touch by Email if you're interested. We will also be making high quality MP3s available for anyone who buys the album so you can download and listen to it on your iPod and MP3 player as well! 

The album 'Postcards' is also available on CD and features 14 great songs! 
 1. Postcards (3:21)
 2. Silver Bird (3:50)
 3. Full Circle (2:58)
 4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (3:40)
 5. Don't Close The Book (3:01)
 6. Firebox (3:59)
 7. Little Darling (2:38)
 8. Bridge In Front of Me (2:45)
 9. Baby Blue (3:21)
10. Moments (3:36)
11. Sunset at the Railway Tracks (4:11)
12. I Know (3:01)
13. Walk With Me (3:40)
14. Ghaf Tree (3:49)

Postcards costs 5 plus P&P (although we will only charge what it costs us to post it to you) or you can get it for only HALF PRICE if you buy a copy of Psychedelic Colours!
Get in touch by Email if you're interested.

'A Different Story' is also available on CD featuring the following tracks:
 1. Mississippi Roadside
 2. Travelling
 3. The World Without Us
 4. Different Story
 5. Steps
 6. Jimmy
 7. Can't See Me
 8. Big Picture
 9. Howlin' Man Blues
10. I Want To Know
11. Take Me Home 
The album is still available for only 5.00 including P&P. You can order directly by contacting us by email.


The first album 'The Dice of life' which features the following tracks:
  1. Life
 2. San Francisco 
 3. Slice of Cake 
 4. Yes I Do 
 5. Dice of Life 
 6. Just Remembering 
 7. Governator 
 8. I Know

This album is no longer available for purchase but most of the tracks are free to download as MP3s in the AUDIO section.

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