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June 2012
The latest album "Psychedelic Colours is now available to order on CD for £5 (plus P&P). It's over 49 minutes long and features 14 original songs. You can listen to some samples on our Audio page. We'll also be making high quality MP3s available for anyone who buys the album so you can download and listen to it on your iPod and MP3 player as well!
1. Floating On Clouds (2:43)
2. Around Here (2:51)
3. I Don't Know What's Going On (3:26)
4. HOD (3:55)
5. Psychedelic Colours (3:23)
6. Today Is The Tomorrow (3:22)
7. Another Way (3:32)
8. Night Lights (4:06)
9. Will You Be There? (3:52)
10. I'm A Man (3:55)
11. Sound Is Like Water (3:52)
12. This Part Of Town (4:00)
13. Rainbow Warrior (3:22)
14. Free (3:20)
January 2012
Sorry it has been a long time since I have kept you up to date with what is happening, 2011 was a busy year for both myself and Rich. Firstly, a big thank you to all of you who brought a copy of Postcards, the album sold really well which was fantastic. I would also like to thank Rich for all the hard work he put into the album and Joe for his great review on Clixie.

At the end of 2011 I started to write new songs and also experiment with new sounds. I'm really excited about how the songs are turning out and sounding. Rich and I have now begun recording the next album 'Psychedelic Colours', which we hope to have out in 2012. We should be posting one or two new songs, as a preview of the forthcoming album, over the next couple of months so please keep checking back for updates! 
Take it easy, 

January 2011
The brand new album "Postcards is now available to order on CD for £5 (plus P&P). It's over 47 minutes long and features 14 original songs.

 1. Postcards (3:21)
 2. Silver Bird (3:50)
 3. Full Circle (2:58)
 4. Everything's Gonna Be Alright (3:40)
 5. Don't Close The Book (3:01)
 6. Firebox (3:59)
 7. Little Darling (2:38)
 8. Bridge In Front of Me (2:45)
 9. Baby Blue (3:21)
10. Moments (3:36)
11. Sunset at the Railway Tracks (4:11)
12. I Know (3:01)
13. Walk With Me (3:40)
14. Ghaf Tree (3:49)
December 2010
Sorry it has been a while since I have written anything to let you know what is going on. The good news is Rich and I have been very busy working on the new album, which is called 'Postcards'. The album is going to have 14 new tracks on it and I am very excited about all of these songs. We have recorded the album in London and Birmingham and this will be our third album following the success of The Dice of Life and A Different Story. I have really enjoyed writing and recording these new songs and it has been a wonderful experience. We also hope to have a new video out soon to accompany the song called 'Don’t Close The Book', which was written in support of a Mexican animal charity called Gepda. I would like to thank you all for your continued support and interest in the music that we create.
Keep checking back as there will be updates and we hope to be posting one or two new tracks from the album on our myspace page soon (
September 2009
Hello to you all, It’s been a while since I have written anything about what we have been up to and lots of people have been asking. Rich and I wanted to finish promoting the album A Different Story which we have done thanks to all the people who brought a copy. I started work on the next album quite a few months ago writing the songs and I am very pleased with the songs that have come out of this process. I started to make rough demos of the songs and sent then to Rich for him to listen to and start getting ideas of basslines, backing vocals, and a general feel of what the album was going to be like. We are both very excited about it already and are working on lots of ideas on how these songs will be recorded and what will be on them. I think we will begin recording them very soon the process is fantastic I think, you start with a basic guitar part and vocal then you build up the layers i.e. bass, drums, backing vocals and so on. The songs then take on a style of their own it always excites me to hear them when they are finished and to listen to how they started.
The other great news is we now have a drummer who has joined the band called John who is a fantastic drummer. He came to his first practice and played like he had always been there so we are very excited about working on and taking our new live act on the road so look out for gig dates.
Keep in touch and thanks for your support
March 2009
It's been a busy start to the year but things have been going very well so far! We've sold quite a few copies of "A Different Story" and the album has been well received and had good reviews, so thanks to everyone who bought/downloaded/streamed it.  
We've also put videos we made for a couple of the songs up on YouTube , which you can now watch in our new videos section.

November 2008
The brand new album "A Different Story” will be available to order on CD for £5 (inc. P&P) from 10th December and available to download from iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody and Shock-Hound in the near future.

February 2008 onwards...
Currently working on and recording songs for the new album, which will be entitled "Different Story" and will have 11 tracks:
1. Mississippi Roadside
2. Travelling 
3. The World Without Us
4. Different Story
5. Steps
6. Jimmy
7. Can't See Me
8. Big Picture
9. Howlin' Man Blues
10. I Want To Know
11. Take Me Home
Hoping to be finished around October, we'll keep you posted.

12th February 2008
You can now hear our songs & other Independent & Unsigned Bands, Artists & Musicians at EM Talent Radio - Online Radio Station Promoting Unsigned & Independent Music in the Midlands.

6th January 2008
The first 7 tracks from 'The Dice of Life' are now also available to download on iTunes. Click the button to have a look:
Alistair C Jones - Dice Of Life

10th December 2007
I'm very pleased to announce the release of my first album 'The Dice of life' which features the following tracks:
  1. Life
 2. San Francisco 
 3. Slice of Cake 
 4. Yes I Do 
 5. Dice of Life 
 6. Just Remembering 
 7. Governator 
 8. I Know

The album is available in our Shop for only £3.50 + P&P.


15th November 2007
Have been spending time concentrating on writing new material and will be looking to play some gigs and release songs very soon. Look out for future updates!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Bad news: The gig at Birmingham library on the 8th March has been called off.
Good news: The band all met up for the first time today at the Mule's living room studio and had a really great jam/recording session together. 

February 2007
New songs written Protest Song, Slice Of Cake, Caught and Homeless Days
Great news Togo has joined the Band as a backing singer to bring some soul and harmony to the music. Our first singing session together was fantastic.

February 2007
Recording session being planned for the end of Feb 2007 with band which I am very excited about!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Some Of My Song To Be Played On Dj Catnadia Radio Show 
Some of my songs are being played on The Dj Catnadia Radio Show this is a radio show that is broadcasted from Finland to the World, Helsinki's Blues Cafe.The show will be aired tomorrow Wednesday 17th January 2007 1200pm-16.00 hrs (Finnish Time+ 2hrs G.M.T) Also some of my songs might be played on Saturday 20th January 2007 Show (1800-2200)
Please tune in:

Saturday, November 25, 2006
San Francisco To Be Released On Acoustic Album Being Launched At Cannes 2007
Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My song San Francisco is going to be released on an Acoustic Album that is going to feature other artists and is going to be launched at Cannes Midem 2007
Check Back For Further Details.
Thanks to Creative Pathways who are putting the album together.

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